Vice Tackles Penis Implants is trying to build itself into a media empire. The site has in recent years launched several TV series and partnered with HBO to provide fresh offerings targeted toward the internet generation, who has been jettisoning traditional TV for online options for some time. One of their latest series Profiles By Vice, which looks at interesting people who have lives, jobs, or experiences that deviate from the norm. In the episode entitled, “ResERECTION: The Penis Implant,” Miami urologist Dr. Paul Perito jokes that he’d never be invited to parents day at his children’s school, because of what he does. It obviously wouldn’t be appropriate to show a bunch of pictures of penises in that setting. He says he specializes in sexual medicine, in particular performing surgery for overcoming erectile dysfunction. This is for severe forms of ED. Though it’s estimated that 30 million men in the US have the condition, most have the mild to moderate variety, treatable with medication or other, less invasive methods. 

In some instances however, such treatments won’t produce results. If this is the case, an implant becomes an appealing option. In fact, with an upswing in ED cases, implants are actually becoming more popular. Dr. Perito says a penile prosthesis is the way to go in such instances. The vast majority suffer no ill effects from the surgery or its aftermath, and most men are generally happy with the results. The infection rate is small, two to three percent. Dr. Perito says the anxiety, frustration, and mortification surrounding the problem limits men. It makes them take a long time to come to grips with ED and finding the right solution. Many don’t know that there are other options besides pills or the penis pump. Yet, without taking part in intercourse, men can actually lose penile length over time. Dr. Perito says a man will lose one inch for every year he has ED. According to Dr. Perito, not only is an implant effective in severe cases, in many instances insurance companies cover it. If you believe you have ED, make an appointment with a doctor or urologist.