This State Has the Smallest Penis Size 

Condomania gets a lot of online sales. That means data, including on size. How’s that? Well, the purveyor of prophylactics ranked the sizes of the condoms men purchased in each US state. They recently put out a list of states in penis size from the data, running from largest to smallest. North Dakota is the big winner. Who would guess this enormous, sparsely populated, upper-Midwest state would gain such a lofty position. Mississippi meanwhile was the big loser overall. The second through ninth largest are as follows in order: Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Ohio, Arizona, Alabama, New York, and South Carolina. As for the smallest, behind Mississippi was Hawaii, Arkansas, Wyoming, North Carolina, Alaska, Missouri, West Virginia, Indiana, Texas, and Kentucky. Of course, scientists and journalists point out that the data is skewed. Rural men are overly represented, for one thing. That’s because in the city and the suburbs, it’s easy to pop right down to your local pharmacy and pick up a pack, while in rural America, it may be easier to just order condoms online and wait for them in the mail. In more closely packed settings, there’s no need to wait. 

Another issue is that the data used doesn’t include those men who engage in condomless sex. Of course, men have a lot of anxiety surrounding penis size. Though unreliable, this list is bound not only to be a topic of conversation but debate over what role penis size plays. Most men will tell you that it matters. In confidence, some may even admit that they fear being too small. Most women on the other hand, say it’s not so important. Average feels just fine, they say. This was recently determined as 5.1 inches long. Many women find too big uncomfortable and too small isn’t good either. But surprisingly few guys are too small. If you’re concerned over your penis size and can’t come to terms with it, address the issue with a medical professional, either a doctor or an urologist, and find out what your options are.