Can Meditation Cure ED? 

Erectile dysfunction is exceedingly common, and not only among older men. 25% of those under age 40 experience ED, according to a 2013 report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Most of the time, a medical problem is the cause. These can include some serious, even life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension. Yet, in a minority of instances, an emotional issue is to blame. In such cases anxiety, depression, or chronic stress may be at fault. Performance anxiety is a common concern among young men, especially if they’re inexperienced. Here, psychotherapy or sex therapy may be warranted. Of course in such instances, ED drugs may not be appropriate. Some men have tried alternative therapies such as meditation or yoga. Transcendental meditation is particularly popular these days. This is where a person sits with a straight spine in the lotus position and loses themselves utterly in meditation. 

Anecdotally, some practitioners say that the practice gives them rock hard erections. In younger men, oftentimes high levels of adrenaline or cortisol in the system due to anxiety or stress, stifle the oxygen to certain areas of the body, decreasing blood flow, especially to the penis. With a lowered blood flow comes less of a chance of being able to perform. So of course, helping a man to relax can also restore his capability, if the cause is psychological. There haven’t been many studies unfortunately, linking meditation with increased erectile performance. One such study was conducted at New York University in 1977. After meditating for just 15 minutes, volunteers were found to be able to achieve strong, healthy erections. Unfortunately, this study only included nine men. A far larger sample would be needed to indicate that meditation had such an impressive impact. Then again, it can’t hurt to try it. There’s no negative side effects to speak of. Just be sure you get checked out by a doctor or urologist, first to rule out a physical cause.