What Are the Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation? 

Sex isn’t supposed to be like in movies or porn. How long it lasts or should last varies widely from one couple to the next. While some women for instance enjoy a long bout, others get sore quickly and want it over soon. And even though we’re likely to see online videos where men last tens of minutes, in reality, around five to seven minutes is the average duration. Still, when it doesn’t last as long as a couple thinks it should, disappointment, shame, and other negative feelings can occur and the relationship may suffer, as a result. Premature ejaculation (PE) is actually quite common. Around one-fifth of men experience it at some point. How the man or the couple feel about it however matters. It isn’t considered a medical issue unless such incidence brings on negative experiences. Unfortunately, lots of things can cause it, and emotional and psychological factors can complicate the condition. 

The symptoms of PE include ejaculating with little sexual stimulation and having little to no ejaculatory control. This is followed by feelings of embarrassment, guilt, and frustration. The many may also experience a lower libido as a result. There are those men who endure it temporarily. It usually goes away on its own over the course of a few weeks or months. Others wrestle with it all their lives. Sometimes a physical problem is at fault. This can include a spinal cord issue, ED, or inflammation of the prostate gland. To diagnose PE, a patient will have to discuss their sexual history with a physician. Be sure to be as honest as possible. You never know what might lead to the cause of the problem. A physical exam might also be warranted, which may include a prostate exam. You might also need to undergo a neurological test to rule out any problems to the nervous system. If you believe you have PE, see a doctor or urologist and get it checked out.