What It’s Really Like to Have a Small Penis 

In the US, nudity is synonymous with sex. People don’t often parade around without any clothes on, like they do in some other cultures. In fact, America has been described as the land of promiscuous Puritans. Men are especially keen to cover up when in the presence of one another. Due to this, most boys don’t get a look at a peer’s penis until around adolescence, usually while in the boy’s locker room at school. It’s here they notice others and begin to measure themselves against their peers. Those who think their penis is small, feel embarrassed and inadequate. Of course, it’s worse in the early teens when one might be bullied for such a thing. But in fact, dating and sex later on also becomes challenging. To be clear, the vast majority of men are average in size, which is considered 5.1 inches long. 

Plus, women don’t focus on penetrative sex the same way men do. Even so, these men fear women outing them to their friends or others, or not wanting to date them or have sex with them. They also often hide themselves away and avoid fraternization with the opposite sex. Of course, most come to find a loving, kind, gentle partner, who doesn’t focus on their member. In fact, many such men say that they’re more worried about their penis size in a relationship than the woman they’re with. Still for some the fear, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy and stigmatization never leave. Most times, if it isn’t a hindrance, medical doctors tell them to leave it alone. In severe cases, called micropenis, surgery or other treatments are sometimes warranted. Today, there are certain cosmetic procedures available as well. If you are preoccupied thinking you have a small penis, contact a doctor or urologist and find out if it’s true and if so, what can be done about it.