How Do You Know if It’s PE or Just the Jitters of Being With a New Partner? 

Sex has different moods. Sometimes you want it to last a really long time. But when you get with a new partner, it can take time to find each other’s rhythm. The advantage new love has is that it’s exuberant. It’s fresh and new. Everything is exciting. The experience is exhilarating. But sex experts actually say sex gets much better when a couple has been together for a while. They know each other’s likes and dislikes, what positions work for them and don’t, what each other’s boundaries are, and even their kinks, shared and not. While with something new, there’s a lot of fumbling. That can be for clothes, condoms, and things like how long the act should last. One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation (PE) is getting into a new relationship. Men who have been in a long-term relationship until fairly recently, might be the most likely to experience it.  

So how do you if it’s PE or just the jitters of being with a new partner? That depends on a lot of things. First, consider how long it’s been. If it’s only been a couple of months, nervousness is to be expected. Although men are portrayed as perennially confident in the bedroom, it’s normal to get nervous about sex. If it’s been a year or more, another issue may be standing in the way. Think back to your last sexual episode or last few episodes. Were you nervous? On a scale of one to ten, how nervous were you? Understand that the system that allows a man to engage in sex for any length of time is undermined by the “fight or flight” response. The more nervous you are, the more likely PE will become. Have you started taking any new medications? Or are you suffering from a mood disorder, such as anxiety or depression? Get a good look at the situation. But if you think you’re suffering from premature ejaculation and not just a short-term bout of nerves, seek out a doctor or urologist and find out what’s going on.