This Man Has the World’s Longest Penis  

What country would you think has the biggest penises on average? One study found that it’s the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). How about the smallest? That’d be North Korea. It may be due to the abject poverty people grow up with there, which stunts their growth in many ways. The record for the world’s longest penis is currently held by an American. He’s 22 years-old and lives in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. How long is he? 19.1 in. (48.5 cm) long. This was recently verified by international authorities at a measuring ceremony that took part at “Daniel’s” home. His real name has been omitted to protect his privacy. But the man told a clutch of reporters assembled there that he was “thrilled” by the results. Roberto Esquivrel Cabrera of Mexico was the record holder up until 2015. Cabrera measures 18.9 in. (48.1 cm). So how far off is this from the average? A recent British study found that 5.1 in. (12.9 cm) erect is the worldwide average. While in girth, the average is 3.5-3.9 in. (9-10 cm).  

Most women say they prefer girth over length. While either can hurt, extra length can actually bang into the cervix, causing pain. Although there is a small minority of women who like the feeling of their cervix being reached, albeit gingerly. Since the nerve endings are mostly near the opening of the vagina, more girth could give more sensation. But many men aren’t concerned about their partner’s pleasure but rather, how impressive they look. In any event, a monstrously long penis can actually cause trouble for the man who carries it. Daniel said his girlfriend recently broke up with him because she couldn’t handle it. He finds it difficult to find someone who can. If you think you’re penis is too big or too small, talk to a doctor or urologist about it. 

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