The US Condom Market Is Set to Take Off 

Zion Market Research has some good news for condom company investors and bad news for daters. The US condom market, for both male and female condoms, is expected to jump significantly in the coming years. For the 2017-2022 period, it’s supposed to jump 3.5%. It’ll be work $1,680,220 from $1,366,860 million in 2016. Though some other ideas are on the horizon to stopping unwanted pregnancy, nothing seems to be able to replace the old barrier method, when it comes to halting STDs and HIV infection. In the old days, there was one variety. But today, they vary widely in size, color, texture, materials, and thicknesses. There are also a lot of styles to choose from. The ultra-thin kind are exceedingly popular these days. If used correctly, condoms are highly effective in stopping STDs. But using it right is essential.  If you use one, always be sure you have it facing the right way, pinch the air out of the reservoir tip, and roll it down all the way to the base.  

According to the CDC, STD infections have gone up every year. This year, they reported the highest level on record. There was just 110 million STD infections in 2008. This year, the CDC estimates we’ll see 19.7 million. 50% of these infections are among men and women ages 15 to 24. Greater public awareness is driving up condom usage more and more. Because of this, there’s actually a Renaissance in condoms today. There are ones that glow in the dark, others that come with warming gels, and others still which have delaying lubricants that help a man to last longer. Though other regions are experiencing record STD rates, the US has seen its increase by 50-100 times. Know that anyone who is having sex is susceptible to STDs. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself, and to get tested annually. If you’re last one was over 12 months ago, see a doctor or urologist for a screening. 

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