Study Finds Men With Small Penis’s Are Great for Relationships 

 Although it’s thought of as a woman’s issue, men suffer anxiety over their bodies too. One of the things that makes them most distraught is, if they think their penis doesn’t size up with expectation. We often hear the phrase “size doesn’t matter.” The idea here is that the vast majority of men have what it takes to please a woman. Most men are average, determined to be exactly 5.1 inches long. Few fall below this although of course, some do. But a new study finds that there is some nuance to the belief that size is irrelevant, at least from the female perspective. A recent study found that the size of a man’s penis was only relevant depending on the type of romantic encounter. If this was a one-night-stand, greater girth, not length, was preferred. For a long-term relationships however, penis size wasn’t considered a relevant factor.  

Although most men believe women prefer a longer penis, in actuality this can bruise the cervix, causing pain during intercourse. In this study, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles printed out 3D models of penises. They showed these to 41 women and asked which ones they liked. The criteria the pictures were evaluated on length, girth, and duration of sexual encounter. 33 models were presented. They ranged from four inches long and 2.5 inches in circumference, to 8.5 inches long and seven inches around. Since the nerve endings in the vagina are pressure sensitive, they detect the sensation of stretching. This also brings the clitoris closer to the vaginal opening during penetrative intercourse, which may increase the chances of orgasm. Most women said they preferred a 6.5 inch penis for a short-term partner. For a long-term partner, personality and other considerations were put front row center, and penis size was thrown out the window. Also, women tended to overestimate a man’s size after an encounter, another study found. If you’re concerned about size, see a doctor or urologist about it. 

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