You Know You Have a Good Woman If She Acts Like This after Premature Ejaculation 

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Every man experiences premature ejaculation (PE) at some point. Such an occurrence once in a while is normal. If it happens every time, especially going back to since you’ve first started having sex, a medical or psychological issue may be to blame. In general, most couples laugh it off. But some men get very defensive about it or tend to retreat from intimacy. How you react can affect your partner. Those men who can calm themselves, laugh it off, and go ahead and please their lover, are usually the most successful. Of course, no matter what, a man feels vulnerable at this time. How his partner reacts says a lot about her and their relationship. If she makes him feel bad about himself, she’s probably not relationship material. If she gives him reassurance however, tells him that it’s “No big deal,” or pushes him toward pleasuring her, chances are she’s a keeper.  

The vast majority of women don’t orgasm through penetrative intercourse anyway. So even if it doesn’t last that long, she can still have an orgasm. Another poor female reaction is when a woman beats herself up over it or retreats into herself. Some women look for constant reassurance. She may take PE as a sign that you aren’t that into her or aren’t attracted to her. If it’s a long-term relationship and she has a tendency toward low self-esteem, she may take it to mean that you’ve fallen out of love with her, or that you’re no longer attracted to her. Of course, any woman or man for that matter, can feel like this from time to time. But if she harps on it incessantly or if you’re having a problem and instead of focusing on you, she’s preoccupied with her own feelings, she may not be the best partner for you. If she’s emotionally supportive, helpful, and focused on you then she’s definitely the kind of woman you want to be with. Are you having consistent PE? Don’t suffer in silence. Reach out to a doctor or urologist, instead. 

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