How Do Drugs or Alcohol Affect Your Sex Life? 

Everyone’s familiar with the zany college movie where young adults are consuming oodles of drugs and tons of alcohol and still having outrageous sex. What they miss is the misfire alcohol and drugs can cause men. These substances can kill an erection or make it so you can’t have one. And if you do, you’re more likely to take part in risky sex, say without a condom. As a result, you’re at higher risk of unwanted pregnancy or acquiring and STD, not to mention how awkward it is the next day. Impulses like wanting to try drugs can end in disastrous results. Recently, a website dedicated to those who are struggling with substance abuse, surveyed over 2,000 participants about drug and alcohol use and how it influenced their sex life. 47% of respondents said they ended up in bed with someone they otherwise wouldn’t have.  

Just as with other studies, this one discovered that the chances of acquiring an STD increased when inebriation was present. Since such substances can dampen the immune system, they cause you to become more susceptible to infection or even make it more difficult for your body to fight it off. Another finding, consistent drug or alcohol abuse caused the user to tend to have sex with more than one partner. This can increase your risk of an STD significantly. Drinking or drug use was found to elevate the likelihood of unwanted pregnancy by 13.23%. Meanwhile 22.65% of respondents said they cheated on their partner while drunk or high. 12.63% of male respondents experienced it. While 38.09% couldn’t form an erection. For women, 32.84% couldn’t reach orgasm= and 11.61% suffered from vaginal dryness. Lastly, 10% of sexual assault cases occurred while someone was under the influence. If you believe you have a substance abuse problem, contact a rehab center in your area. Should you be experiencing sexual dysfunction, contact a doctor or urologist. 

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