Soft Drink Consumption Contributes to Erectile Dysfunction

So many things can cause or contribute to ED. Though a lack of blood flow is generally regarded as the most common, problems of a neurological, hormonal, or psychological nature may also be at fault. Obesity is a growing cause. Part of that is linked with restricted blood flow, as those who are obese tend to eat unhealthy items loaded with fat, refined carbs, cholesterol, and sugar. One study published in the Central European Journal of Urology, looked into the matter more deeply. Researchers wanted to know what impact sugar plays, particularly corn syrup from soft drinks. Though the pathogenesis or the way in which ED develops is complex, researchers did in fact find soft drinks a significant contributing factor. The problem is, researchers believe that consistent consumption of soft drinks can lead to asymptomatic ED. Here, a man is unaware until it manifests itself in the bedroom. Today, health experts say the consumption of soft drinks should be limited.  

Unfortunately, men whose mainstay is soft drinks tend to drink a far higher volume of them than women. Soda pop over the last three decades has increased in serving size as well. Is it no surprise that over the same period, the number of overweight, adult males has tripled? Another problem is drinking soda isn’t very satiating. Yet, it’s high in calories. In this study, researchers link soft drink consumption with the search for more calories, leading to higher obesity levels, which contribute to a higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome. This condition is the union of obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. Another study found that 96.5% of those who suffer from metabolic syndrome also have ED. Here, researchers found that soft drink consumption was a significant contributing factor to metabolic syndrome and so, ED development. It seems that all things are connected. It’s never too late to switch from soda to low-sugar beverages, instead. And if you have ED, be sure and see a doctor or urologist about it.

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