Is the Erectus Shot Right for You?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition that many men experience, and it can be beyond annoying. The Erectus Shot is a natural male enhancement that uses cell-assisted technology and growth factors that are derived from the body. It targets male enhancement by helping to regenerate penile tissue to support erection, penis size, and sexual performance. It helps support a healthier penis, as an alternative to medications that are marketed for male enhancement.  

The Erectus Shot will also work alongside the body’s regenerative properties to make circulation to the penis greater and increase the the quality of the erection. It has even more advantages, such as the treatment basically being painless and little to no downtime necessary afterwards. There are very few side effects because the treatment is derived from the patient’s body.  

ED means that one is unable to maintain a penile erection throughout sexual performance. According to one national survey, 10 percent of men reported not being able to keep an erection. ED can result from failure to fill, initiate, or store the necessary volume of blood within the lacunar network. Although there are some treatments that may help, they are unable to re-establish functionality in all patients. Men with conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension are all more likely to suffer from ED. The medications that are used to treat problems like these will often also affect ED.  

The best candidates for the Erectus Shot are men who have ED. But a complete exam by a doctor is needed to determine the severity and reason for ED. Do you think The Erectus Shot is just what you need? Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today so we can determine the best treatment option for you.  


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