Being in Space Gives You ED

More than 50% of US men will experience ED sometime in their lifetime. It’s more common as one ages. Luckily, medical science has tackled this problem, at least on Earth. Space is another story. You can’t get an erection in a low-gravity or zero gravity environment. There are several other health dangers of life in space that would get in the way of sex, way before the issue of an erection came up. Without the force of gravity pulling a person down, their body begins stripping itself of muscle and bone mass. To offset this, astronauts keep up a rigorous exercise regimen lasting two or three hours per day. Another problem is “space anemia,” where the body reduces its creation of red blood cells. Then there’s the concern of pressure changes in the spinal column, which can affect one’s vision. But even if you managed to avoid all of those problems and found a sexy astronaut to get it on with, you still couldn’t “get it up.”  

So how does being in space affect the penis? To understand, we must first explore how an erection works. When a man becomes aroused, a message is sent from the brain to the corpora cavernosa. This is the spongy material inside the penis. It then engorges with blood, which isn’t allowed to escape. The body however, uses gravity to move the blood along. Its absence means less movement. Beyond that, humans on Earth have a lot of their blood distributed in the lower half of their body. In space however, it rises to the upper half. If you’ve ever seen videos of puffy faced astronauts, you now know why. Less blood in the region and a lack of gravity to push it into the organ, makes an erection in space exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to come by. If you’re having trouble getting an erection here on Earth, contact a doctor or urologist about it right away.

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