30% of New York Men Have Faked an Orgasm

stock-footage-woman-sitting-upset-man-gets-up-disappointed-hd-photo-jpegThe media has portrayed plenty of scenarios where a woman fakes an orgasm.  This is often considered an accepted sexual act by women based on the assumption that it might be more difficult for them to orgasm than it is for men. You may have even experienced this in real life, whether you were made aware of it or not. Articles published in men’s magazines obsess over why women do this and how you can tell when it’s happening with you. Women profess to faking it for a variety of reasons, from not wanting to disappoint their lover to it taking too long and just wanting to go to sleep.  It has been assumed that men are much more straightforward sexual creatures, forgoing bedroom theatrics and keeping things real. But a new Time Out study shows it isn’t so, at least not for guys in the Big Apple. The study reveals that 30% of New York men have faked an orgasm. Other surveys, including one out of the University of Kansas, corroborate this 30% statistic. Men revealed similar reasons for faking it, including that their partner was near climax and they felt pressure to orgasm as well. When a man wears a condom faking can be easy. But without one on, it can be far more difficult to pull off. A book by a Harvard Urology Professor, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, came out last year covering this same topic. The book is called, Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men And Sex.

Dr. Morgentaler, drawing from a long history of dealing with men’s sexual issues says that in order to match some perceived societal norm some guys perform sexually even when they aren’t necessarily turned on. Morgentaler said,

While it’s OK for a woman to say she’s too tired to make love, or has a headache – in fact it’s so common there are jokes about it – it’s not acceptable for men.”  He continued, saying, “The image is that men are always up for sex, which makes you feel under pressure to perform even when you don’t want to.”

Then there are the altruists who are concerned about their partner. Morgentaler said,

The big surprise to me when I started doing this work 25 years ago is that once a man is in a relationship, he seems to care more about his partner than himself.” He went on to say, “In their minds, [faking an orgasm is] actually a form of kindness. In a way, they’re letting the other person know that they’ve done a good job.”

Scientists have long debated the reasons why both genders fake orgasms, but it seems now that they do it for similar if not the same reasons. Of course as far as a man is concerned, there is a medical condition called delayed or impaired ejaculation. This is when it takes a really long time to reach orgasm. There are two different kinds, either lifelong or temporary (due to a recent medical issue or other factors).  This is yet another problem that could cause a man to fake orgasm. If you have such a problem, be sure to talk to a doctor about the issue.

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