Five Habits You Can Start to Fight ED

HabitThe Journal of Sexual Medicine recently published a study listing five activities that can help men with instances of erectile dysfunction: a healthy and balanced diet, weight management, alcohol moderation, a regular exercise routine and a regular sleep schedule.

Researchers analyzed 765 men ages 35-80 with older men making up most of the participants. The participants filled out two questionnaires, one pertaining to their sexual desire, preferences and activities with the second survey focusing on weight, alcohol consumption and sleep habits. The researchers followed up with the subjects after a five year period and the ones who changed and maintained the above habits increased their sexual function.

Darius Paduch, MD, urologist and male sexual medicine specialist at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, said: “I’ve seen patient’s sexual function improve with healthy lifestyle changes and consistent healthy habits. These men are often able to go off of medication without seeing a decrease in their sexual function.”

Here again are the recommended habits and their effect on sexual function:

A balanced diet helps men lower their cholesterol and controls their sugar intake, subsequently improving the nerves in the penis.

Weight management helps men avoid obesity, a condition that can lower testosterone levels.

Moderate alcohol consumption keeps the penis from contracting, something that can occur after too many drinks. “Alcohol is a suppressant, and the suppression of the central nervous system will cause a decrease in sensitivity to sexual cues,” Paduch said.

A regular exercise routine helps men lose and maintain their weight as well as increase testosterone and confidence.

A regular (and adequate) sleep schedule is needed to increase sexual desire and drive. If a man suffers from sleep apnea, it affects his normal cycle of erections during the night.

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