Few Men Receive Treatment for ED

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 75% of men with erectile dysfunction never seek treatment. Moreover, only 25% of those who are diagnosed follow through with treatment. The number of participants was ample. Over six million men were included in the study. Dr. Kevin McVary was its author. He is the chair of the division of urology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. McVary said he and his colleagues found these results shocking. For those who did seek treatment, ED drugs were the most popular choice. There are also those patients who do not respond to these drugs. Luckily, many other treatments are available today such as penile injections, vacuum pumps, penile suppositories, and more. These treatments are very effective with few side effects. Still, even though the problem is many times easily remedied, embarrassment or lack of resources keeps many men from acquiring them. McVary says only 50% of those prescribed Viagra or one of its brethren actually fill the prescription.

One problem according to the researcher is lots of primary care physicians do not want to discuss such issues with patients. But they should. ED suffers are usually struggling with downgraded muscles of the blood vessels caused by a serious illness such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. The likeliness of these regenerating is slim to none. Instead, they are expected to further degrade. The sooner one gets diagnosed and treated the better off he is. Men with ED can suffer from depression which affects all other aspects of life, including their health. These men usually push their partner away, which hurts their relationship. From there, a downward spiral can occur. There also may be a serious, even life-threatening illness that ED is a symptom of. The sooner such an illness is caught, the better the treatment options and outcomes will be. Be sure and seek out a physician or urologist for treatment should you be experiencing ED. There is a safe, cost-effective method available that will work for you.


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