Do Mobile Phones Really Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

phoneIn our modern society, mobile phones are the crux of our everyday activities. We call, text, Facebook and tweet more than ever, and reports show no signs of it slowing down. However, a recent study has shown that there may be a link between mobile phones and erectile dysfunction.

How was the link between mobile phones and erectile dysfunction discovered?

A group of men were placed into a controlled experiment to see what the correlation was between mobile phones and erectile dysfunction. 20 men who suffered from ED for a minimum of 6 months were compared to a group of 10 men who had not been suffering from the condition. There were no significant influencing factors in both groups, such as physical traits or current medical conditions.

When it came time to compare the data, the men who were suffering from ED kept their mobile phones on them for over 4.4 hours per day. The other group that was not suffering from erectile dysfunction had their phones on their person for just under 1.8 hours a day. Although more data is needed to conclude the experiment, it’s clear to see that there very well may be a direct tie between mobile phones and erectile dysfunction.

What could be the link?

Researches have run experiments before on the risk factors of cell phones and brain tumors. It has been suspected that cell phones can emit low levels of radiation, thus giving off harmful properties to a person when coming into contact with the radiation over extended periods of time. With this data, many researchers assume that when the cell phone is in a man’s pocket for hours on end each day, the low levels of radiation emitted can be affecting the genitals of males, thus becoming a cause factor for erectile dysfunction.

If this is true, what can be done?

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this problem.  A man would need to avoid having his cell phone in his pocket for hours on end each day.  Instead, the phone can be kept on a belt buckle or even in a shirt pocket.

If you or someone you know is suffering from ED, make sure to speak with an experienced ED physician today.  Help is always available.

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