New Treatment for ED a Game Changer

New Treatment for ED a Game Changer

New Treatment for ED a Game ChangerThe year was 1998 and men rejoiced. The lives of some changed completely. Viagra had hit the market. But now a new treatment is expected to be a game changer for ED sufferers, altering the landscape just as Viagra did more than a decade ago. It is noninvasive, long lasting and drug-free. The method is called shockwave therapy.

This procedure has been performed on those recovering from heart disease. It was used to help new blood vessels form in areas around the heart after damage had occurred. Doctors will use the same method to alleviate the constriction that causes ED. This method grows more blood vessels in the penis, allowing for better blood flow. Shockwave therapy will use a machine that has a wand attached. That wand is designed to deliver electrical shocks to the penis. Consultant urologist at Spire Manchester Hospital in England, Vijay Sangar, M.D. told Men’s Health,

“It emits energy that increases growth factor levels, which in turn produce new blood vessels.”

ED1000 therapy, as it is called in England, is utilized in Dr. Sangar’s practice. Shockwave therapy gets to the root of the problem, poor blood flow. Although sending electrical shocks to you penis may sound positively medieval, in fact it is a painless procedure, with very few if any side effects.  Sangar said,

“The shock wave therapy works in two-thirds of folks with vascular or diabetes-induced ED.”

Viagra is effective in 80% of cases. Injections and other ED medications are a little less effective than Viagra. These medications only deal with the symptoms however. Dr. Sangar points out that shockwave therapy aims instead at fixing the problem at its root. 12 weeks of therapy is required for those who would undergo the procedure. Ideally, a man will not need another session for another two years. With ED drugs, you are in for a prescription that will last a lifetime, not to mention what it will cost over time. With this therapy, you do not need to worry about taking anything, when it will be effective and any side effects. Shockwave therapy is not yet available in America.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, be sure to contact a doctor right away.


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