Is There Really an ED Epidemic Among Younger Men?

Is There Really an ED Epidemic Among Younger Men?

Urologists across the country and in other industrialized nations are seeing an increase in men under 40 with erectile issues. Though it can strike at any age and for a multitude of reasons, ED is considered by-and-large a disease of upper middle-age and among the elderly. It is not caused by age itself, however. Instead, it is generally the onset of a related disease such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. But the uptick in younger men has researchers and clinicians worried. This is not just an anecdotal observation.

An Italian study recently published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that 25% of men seeking help for ED were under 40. And a review published last year in the Asian Journal of Andrology found that 15-20% of men visiting the doctor for ED had not yet reached their fourth decade of life. Procedures such as penile duplex ultransonography and intracavernous injections are being performed on test subjects to get to the bottom of this worrisome trend. Though no conclusions thus far have been determined, there are many proposed theories.

The obesity epidemic is one. Since many in the developed world are leading mostly sedentary lifestyles and experience a lack of exercise, they are putting on more weight today than in decades past. Fat cells trap testosterone which is essential in erection formation. A lower testosterone level may be another cause. Toxins in the environment from manufactured products or agricultural chemicals could also be to blame. Neurologic and emotional reasons such as nerve damage or performance anxiety may also be at fault. Luckily today, our culture is changing. More and more men feel comfortable addressing the issue with their doctor. There are lots of treatment options available for men of every age. But first, the patient needs to be carefully evaluated before the right treatment can be arrived upon. Men of any age experiencing ED should seek out a physician or urologist right away. A serious health issue could be at its root. (

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