Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Symptoms You Should Not IgnoreSome men ignore symptoms if they believe they aren’t that bad, if they know they aren’t hinting at something more serious, and if they don’t have health insurance or the money to pay for whatever the doctor’s visit and treatment would cost. There are even those who don’t want to get their family worried. Certainly serious symptoms need to be checked out. A lot of chronic illnesses start out with small symptoms and if caught early, treatment and outcomes are far better. But there are certain symptoms that mean business, that you should never ignore or else your very life may be threatened (WebMD).

Headaches aren’t generally something to worry about. They are usually due to eye strain, stress, lack of sleep or even dehydration. But if you feel a “thunderclap” headache, like the worst one you’ve ever had, go to the hospital immediately for it may be bleeding in the brain. Paralysis is another very serious symptom. If you feel a leg, arm or one side of your face go numb, dizziness, confusion, slurred speech or double vision call for an ambulance. These are the symptoms of a stroke. This is when an artery that supplies blood to the brain has been blocked or has ruptured, causing brain damage. You should be brought to an emergency room that can perform clot bursting therapy. This will clear out any blood clot in the brain. It has to be given within three hours of the initial incident, though newer therapies may lengthen that timeframe. Often the faster they can treat you the more brain tissue can be preserved.

Signs of a heart attack include chest pain, pain in the left arm, neck or jaw, nausea, weakness, shortness of breath, feeling faint and breaking out into a cold sweat. If you experience these call 9-1-1. You should also chew on one regular strength aspirin. It will protect the heart muscles. If you are allergic to aspirin, however, do not take it. There are those who get painless heart attacks, especially the elderly. Sweating heavily, shortness of breath, vomiting, nausea, a feeling of doom, dizziness and weakness are the symptoms of the silent variety. Of course it shouldn’t be one symptom in the case of a heart attack unless that symptom is serious or is causing a lot of pain. Usually two or more symptoms together spell that a heart attack has occurred or is occurring. If you have pain in your leg, have coughed up blood and have chest pains you have the symptoms of a blood clot in the leg, and it could be dangerous. This is particularly a pronounced problem for someone who has been sitting for an extended period. Where the clot is located in your leg will likely be tender, painful and swollen. If it is accompanied by chest pain, a part of the clot may have separated and made its way to the heart. It’s important to get to the emergency room as soon as possible as this condition could be terminal.

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