Practical Steps to Handling Erectile Dysfunction 

When two people first first meet and they realize their chemistry, sparks fly. We all know the feeling well. They are instantly attracted to each other. They can never seem to keep their hands off of each other. Simply put, they have sex all the time.

As their relationship progresses, their lust and love stabilize.  Yet, as the years pass, couples may have to work a little bit harder to keep the passion alive. But it is not always attraction, or a lack thereof, which is at fault; the underlying issue may be atmospherical. Or perhaps it may be his physical inability that holds things back.

As a man gets older, he will see that his body changes. This is a natural process that everyone goes through. However, most men may not realize that if your body changes, your hormones change too, while your libido may not. In other words, you may want to keep going like you did in the beginning, but you physically cannot.

Excuses such as being too tired or too stressed out come into play but can only work but for so long. If the underlying issue is not addressed, often a man’s partner will begin to question whether he is still even attracted to him/her. Of course, no man wants his partner to feel less than perfect. So, instead of burying the issue under coverups, an alternative is to deal with the issue wherein becoming informed is the first step.

Usually, Erectile Dysfunction is treatable. At other times, it may be the sign of something more sinister. Nevertheless, in all cases, it has to do with restricted blood flow to the penis. While high blood pressure, diabetes or certain medications can generally restrict blood flow, there are several different contributing factors to sift through. What are some that apply to you?

Generally, it is hard for a man to openly discuss his feelings—let alone his sexuality. Considering the nature of Erectile Dysfunction, it may be twice as difficult to get a man to begin to discuss the problem! Society imprints the image onto men that they are held to a high standard. Afterall they are the ones to penetrate and stimulate to orgasm. Hence, if he does not deliver a herculean performance, a man may  feel or think he is somehow less of a man.

While a man in a secure relationship would never admit to feeling this way sometimes, it is hardly unlikely that he has never really felt this way before. If there is a way you can empathize with your partner and speak calmly, you may be surprised by the results. Afterall, both you and your partner are working at the same goal. Thus, the most important thing is to make peace.

However, it should be noted that one’s mood can affect his sexual performance. So you will want to adjust to your situation, thereby conquering any negative feelings associated with Erectile Dysfunction. As for lifestyle changes, it could mean exercising regularly, quitting smoking, and perhaps even changing your overall diet.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. But think of some practical steps you can take. Begin with an open empathetic conversation. Follow it up with discreet research. Seek out a physician you feel comfortable with. In most cases, you can get a prescription, consider some lifestyle changes and be back in bed after a few weeks!