Steroid Use Can Lead to Infertility

Steroid Use Can Lead to Infertility

Male infertility has been increasing steadily for decades. Researchers are still investigating why as a clear culprit has yet to emerge. A low sperm count, less viable sperm, and less sperm motility—meaning the sperm’s ability to swim vigorously in order to reach the egg, have forced more couples to seek out medical intervention. Testosterone levels have also been dropping in the industrialized world. This could have something to do with it. Pesticides, herbicides, industrial fertilizer, BPH, and aluminum in consumer products may all play a role.

Now a new study is impacting work out guys that want to be dads. Anabolic steroids and other medications meant to take bodybuilding and physique sculpting to the next level can lead to infertility. Those who starve themselves and exercise too much can also hurt their chances at fatherhood. Such practices increase tension and can even lead to depression. Steroid use, tension, starvation, and depress can all lead to something called azoospermia where sperm is not present in the semen. Two organizations in India, Indira Infertility and the Test Tube Baby Centre cooperated on this study.

The most common causes for infertility in men they found was over-exercising, anabolic steroid use, or just the opposite, a sedentary lifestyle devoid of exercise. Men who work out constantly and are very physique conscious should tone down their work out and be sure they are getting enough nutrients to supply their reproductive system with what it needs. The dangers of anabolic steroid use are many. But those men who want to become fathers should be especially cautious and steer clear of them.

For many patients the reason for infertility may be a mystery. But fertility specialists say half the time trouble conceiving stems from the male. For any couple trying to get pregnant for a full year without result, it is important that both partners get checked out by a medical professional. Luckily, today there are lots of options available to help couples conceive.

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