Man Claims He Cured ED by Drinking Wife’s Breastmilk

Man Claims He Cured ED by Drinking Wife’s Breastmilk

An Ohio native and the focus of one of TLC’s “Strange Sex” episodes had men struggling with sexual dysfunction stand up and take notice, and jumpstarted a niche market on the internet. This show explores unusual sexual fetishes. A fetish is technically an unusual object or behavior that a person finds erotic. He or she needs the object of their fetish in order to become aroused and reach climax.

Jeff says his fetish is drinking his wife’s breast milk. But not only does it get his engine running, he claims that consuming her milk actually cured him of erectile dysfunction. Currently, the couple has one child named Ala. Jeff was watching his wife breastfeed one time when it occurred to him that he would like to try it. The man claims that once he did, he was hooked. His wife was apprehensive at first, but then said she began finding it erotic. Jeff says he has been drinking his wife’s breast milk for a year and a half, and that doing so reversed his erectile dysfunction.

There may be a connection between breastmilk and erectile functioning. A University of Illinois study found that low levels of prolactin, the hormone that causes the breasts to grow for girls in puberty and later on to produce milk after pregnancy, contributed to ED. This hormone is present in men as well as women. Too low a level may contribute to erectile dysfunction according to the U of I study. So then would consuming human breast milk reverse it? There is no scientific evidence to date corroborating this.

What’s more, one should not consume human breast milk nor purchase it over the internet, though there is niche of men doing so. Dieticians say there is little advantage to consuming such milk. However, there is a lot of risk. This milk is not pasteurized. The containers it is shipped in many times are not sterilized either. The milk can carry microbes that cause diseases, including STDs such as herpes or HIV. Instead, talk to a doctor or urologist should you be experiencing ED, and get access to scientifically proven treatments that produce results.

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