Indicators of a Male Fertility Issue

Indicators of a Male Fertility Issue

About 26% of couples have a hard time conceiving today, which can put a strain on their relationship. Though women are usually more than keen to visit a specialist, some men find the prospect of infertility or subfertility a blow to their masculinity. But facts are facts. This is not a personal problem, but a medical one. Though women are usually on top of their fertility, and all the scientific ins and outs of their body, few men are cued in to their fertility and what lifestyle choices may be harming their sperm.

Any man who wants to have a baby with his partner should quit smoking, avoid overconsuming alcohol, and protect himself against harsh chemicals and radiation. He should exercise, eat right, and if he is overweight or obese, try and lose weight. Getting enough sleep and managing stress and other emotional issues is important, for there must be an adequate level of testosterone in his system for the production of healthy sperm.

In a significant number of cases, one-third of the total, male infertility or subfertility is to blame. Though for women, painful periods can often spell trouble in terms of reproduction, the male signs are subtle or even undetectable. Most times, male infertility must be indicated through a series of medical tests, including those that evaluate the blood, urine, and semen. Still, there are some red flags that may signal a fertility issue.

For men the quality and quantity of sperm is the crux of fertility. Some signs include low sexual desire, balding or thinning hair, erectile dysfunction or ejaculation issues, pain, swelling, or a lump in the testes, underdeveloped testes, or premature ejaculation. There are lots of other issues however that are not noticeable. Whether you have noticed such symptoms or not, if you and your partner have been trying for a year with no luck, each of you should see a medical professional and get checked out. For men, that means making an appointment with a urologist.

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