Penis Enlargement Products: Do they work?

Every guy wishes they had it a bit bigger.

We are not saying it, but experts who have conducted research. In every research, they received the same answer, “I wish I were a little bigger.”

That’s not all. Many men have also tried out heavy physical exercises to get a bigger penis. Although these may prove to be beneficial, under certain conditions, it can become extremely problematic too.[1]


These products increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Penis size and anxiety

The marketing team may claim that their products can help your penis grow in size. But does it happen like that?

Penis size has always been one of the main reasons for anxiety in men. This anxiety is further used by the penis enlargement product companies to boost their business.[2]

Most men are anxious that their penis size can have a significant impact on their sex life. But will it? Not necessarily.

Scientific studies have shown that there is no direct connection between penis size and pleasurable sex. Even if you aren’t big, you can still enjoy sex with your partner – thanks to all the different sex positions.[3]

Men often think that their penis may be too small to satisfy their partner during sex. But most men who think that their penis is too small, probably have the normal-sized penis.

The erection level also helps you determine what the standard size is. As per research, a normal size penis usually is 13 cm when erect. However, a smaller penis should be around 3 inches, even in erect condition something known as micropenis.

What is all this anxiety for?

Sex and partner satisfaction.

As mentioned above, men usually fear that they won’t be able to satisfy their partner if the penis is too small. Before spending your money on any of the penis enlargement products, you should try talking to your partner about what they prefer.[4]

Sex is all about comfort level between you and your partner. You must focus on reviving the spark in your relationship rather than just focusing on your penis size.

Don’t go with the hype

The penis enlargement industry is filled with products that claim that they can make your penis grow without any surgical requirements. One of the best parts about them is that they will show you endorsements claiming them to be scientifically approved.[5]

One of the most important things to consider about these products is that the safety and effectiveness claims made have no proof. These marketers will want you to believe the before and after photos, so if you are going to believe them, be careful. Also, these products are not FDA approved, so that the authenticity may be questionable.

What are the different types of penis enlargement products?

Needless to say, the penis enlargement industry has only grown over the years.[6] Often, the products that are advertised do not show any significant results. On the other hand, these may cause more damage than usual. However, people still fall into the trap of these products.

Some of the most prominent types of penis enlargement products include the following.

  • Vacuum pumps

These are some of the most used products to make penis large. But, does it show any effect? The pumps draw blood into the penis, thereby leading to swelling. Increased swelling can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The vacuum pumps do make your penis appear large, but only for a limited period. But, if you use these continuously, it can harm your erections, thereby reducing the firmness.

  • Pills and lotions

Several pills and lotion companies claim that their products can enlarge the penis. However, none of these products have proved to be useful. Instead, they may have a counter-effect, thereby leading to increased negative results.

  • Traction devices

The traction devices are aimed at stretching the penile tissue for enlarging the penis. Certain weight or frame is placed on the flaccid penile area to increase the length.

One of the studies in 2010 showed that penile extensors or traction devices could help in increasing the length and may show similar results as that of penile surgery. The research shows that this technique can increase the length of the penis by 1-3cms.[7]

However, the studies for the effectiveness of traction devices are minimal. More research needs to be done to find effectiveness.

Penile Surgery

Penile enlargement surgery is of two categories- penile augmentation and suspensory ligament release.

In the first case, penile augmentation fat cells are injected into the penis to increase the width, girth, or even length. However, this process can be risky as it increases the risk of swelling and distortion of the penis.[8]

In some cases, the side effects may become serious, thereby leading penis removal.

In the second case, penile augmentation requires grafting of fat cells from other parts of the body into the penis. The results may appear within 12 months, thereby leading to an average increase of 2.39-2.65cm.[9]

In the case of suspensory ligament release, the ligament is suspended in a public area to support firm erections. The surgeon may cut out the ligament, thereby making the penis look longer by changing the penis’s angle. On average, it can increase the length by 1-3cm

There’s nothing to be worried about as far as penis size is concerned. It is the anxiety of men that have given rise to enlargement products and, therefore, a book in the industry. It would help if you were extra careful because they may come with a lot of health risks too.



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