Spanish Fly: Better Sex or Just Bunk?

Humans have used various gifts of nature to turn themselves on for ages. If you have watched those frat comedies of the ’80s, you must have come across the mention of Spanish Fly. Witch doctors, shamans, and many practitioners of the occult have used Spanish Fly for various purposes. Some believe it can even cure diseases apart from making you have the best sex ever.

Kings, nobles, and even the rich people in Victorian times used the substance on their mistresses and wives for extra pleasure. 

But unfortunately, the fame of the old, original Spanish Fly began to go down with the advance of medical science. It was found to be dangerous and even caused the death of many victims. Researchers found out the effects of Spanish Fly were indeed the body’s reaction to fight poison and not due to getting turned on. 

Today, You Will NOT Find The Old Spanish Fly Anymore.

In their place, several products under the same name are available. Most of these new-age aphrodisiacs are safe and can actually enhance your arousals and sexual pleasure.  In this post, we will do deep research on Spanish Fly and tell you how to choose the best products on the market.

First, we will take a look at how the old Spanish Fly was prepared. 

The Traditional Spanish Fly and It’s Dangers

If you didn’t know, the original Spanish Fly was made from beetles, and that’s where the name comes from.

Spanish Fly is an emerald-green colored beetle and belongs to the blister beetle family. They secrete a substance called Cantharides as a part of their defense mechanism. Coming in contact with Cantharides can cause painful blisters on your skin and hence, the name of the beetles. 

The cantharidin is the main substance that claimed to have aphrodisiac properties.

People would crush the dried beetles or extract cantharidin by provoking them and mix them with food or drinks. After that, the mixture was given to people to heighten their sexual intensity, and used for both men and women

Men would have erections for hours, which was put forward as evidence for the aphrodisiac properties. Cantharidin also became a popular ingredient in many love potions and aphrodisiac formulas and was sold freely in the market. That’s why you find its mention in popular culture like movies and TV shows.

People came to know Spanish Fly is a good aphrodisiac. 

But as scientists discovered, cantharidin is not only ineffective but also poisonous for humans. It’s a super toxic substance that can damage your organs and even lead to death.

Cantharidin enters your stomach and eats up the lining, leading to internal and gastric bleeding. It also damages the kidneys as they try to purify the poison and end up inflaming your urinary tract. And that is why men would have erections for hours- not for any sexual arousal! Right now, you will not find any Spanish Fly made from blister beetles.

All modern versions of Spanish Fly use other ingredients that are safe.

The New Version of Safe and Natural Spanish Fly

You will find hundreds of companies and brands selling Spanish Fly today. None of them are made from toxic or harmful ingredients like cantharidin and use natural ad safe alternatives.

The best manufacturers come with proprietary formulas combining the most potent aphrodisiacs safe for human use. 

For instance, Spanish Fly Pro, a leading libido enhancer, uses all-natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about any unsafe products as all ingredients have been sourced from nature after careful consideration.

The effects of the ingredients in modern versions of Spanish Fly are backed by science and research. They have been chosen only because studies and clinical trials have proved them to be effective aphrodisiacs.

As a result, you can use them without any concern and enhance your libido through safe and recommended ways. 

You will not find any Spanish Fly that uses beetles even if you try. That’s because people are aware of its ill effects, and governments also don’t allow such harmful products to be sold. So all the Spanish Fly products in the market are safe and without adverse effects.

But like any other product, you should invest time in research to make sure you are buying the right Spanish Fly.

While all Spanish Fly formulas are safe, their effectiveness can vary. Different products also use different ingredients, so you need to know about them too!

In the next section, we will tell you how to pick the best Spanish Fly in the market.

It will take a bit of time, but is completely necessary to ensure you get value for money and don’t end up buying an unreliable product. 

How to Choose the Best Spanish Fly Brand

Okay! Now you have to investigate to find out the best Spanish Fly. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Find Out All About the Manufacturer

You will find hundreds of companies selling Spanish Fly in the stores and on the internet. But should you buy from just any brand?

The answer is obvious – you need to find a reliable brand or company known for its products. You are more likely to choose the iPhone, a well-known mobile phone, instead of a cheap Chinese mobile manufacturer. This is true for anything you buy, including Spanish Fly. 

That means you need to research and find out about the company and its reputation. The job is quite easy when you have the internet at your disposal. 

Just Google the name of the company or brand and check the results that turn up. Look for reviews, press coverage, reports, and information from reliable sources you can trust. See what they are saying about the company, its products, and quality. You can also read reviews of the company on sites like Mouthshut and ask others what they think on sites like Quora. 

Collect as much information as you can and then decide if the company is really reputed for its products. If you think you have found the right company, move to the next step.

2) Research the Ingredients

A Spanish Fly is only as good as its ingredients – so you need to look them up too! 

The first thing to do when you consider a Spanish Fly is to find out the ingredients. You can look at the back of the bottle for a list of ingredients or visit the manufacturer site for details. 

All reputed companies will proudly disclose their ingredients as there is nothing to hide. So if a company doesn’t provide details on ingredients or just mentions proprietary blend, consider it as a red flag. It’s better not to buy that Spanish Fly because you simply don’t know what went into the ingredients. So there is no way you can assess its efficiency. 

We will provide a list of the top ingredients commonly found in the best Spanish Fly products. If you see these ingredients in the product, you know it’s going to work and provide the expected results. So here are the ingredients to look out for:

Maca: The maca root is one of the best aphrodisiacs known to both men and women. Studies have shown maca to increase sexual desire, libido, sperm count, and fertility. It can also help women with menopause to regain their sexual vitality. As it improves exercise performance, you can also expect longer intercourses and exciting time in bed. 

Tribulus Terrestris: Herbal remedies with Tribulus Terrestris have shown beneficial effects on libido in both human and animal studies. It can naturally boost your testosterone levels and increase sexual desire and sexual performance. The herb also causes strong erections and better sexual satisfaction, even in couples with low libido. The vine is also useful in treating arousal difficulties, lubrication problems, and difficulty in having orgasms. 

Guarana: Guarana is known to enhance energy and mental performance. The seeds of the Guarana fruit also have aphrodisiac properties and used in many Spanish Fly formulas. It’s a great stimulant and contains two times more caffeine than coffee seeds. The caffeine stimulates the nerves in your body, resulting in strong arousals and sexual desire. You can also feel the effect for a longer time and don’t experience any sudden discomforting jolts. 

Caffeine: Caffeine elevates your mood and provides a strong stimulation. It also boosts the dopamine levels in your brain and increases your desire and sexual pleasure. Studies have also found caffeine to help people with erectile dysfunction. People who drink coffee also have more sex compared to those who don’t.

Panax ginseng: Panax means “all-healing” in Greek and tells you about the potential of the herb. Ancient Chinese medicine has used the plant for a variety of ailments and systems of the body. Ginseng works similar to a Viagra improving the blood flow to your genitals and relaxing your muscles. It also improves sexual arousal and desire in both sexes by increasing chemicals that positively impact your libido. 

Zinc: Zinc is directly linked with testosterone production, a hormone that affects your libido and sexual desire. Zinc boosts your testosterone levels and increases your interest in sexual activities. It has also been found to be helpful in prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. Zinc also increases the libido of women and helps them have regular periods. 

Look for the above ingredients in your Spanish Fly. Your formula doesn’t need to have all of the above ingredients and may use other alternatives. In that case, you should research and find their efficacy. 

If you see most of the ingredients discussed above in a product, you can be sure of its efficiency. One product that contains all of the above ingredients is Spanish Fly Pro. The combination of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs makes Spanish Fly Pro really effective. At the same time, all ingredients are safe for consumption. 

3) Check for FDA Standards Compliance

Products that meet the US Food and Drug Administration standards are the safest of the lot. It means the company has taken the efforts to maintain high standards, and you can use the product without any doubt. 

It’s always better to stay away from products that don’t have any approvals. You can never be sure of their standards, and all of your money can go down the drain. 

4) Determine the Country of Production

Along with regulatory approvals, it’s also important to check the country of production. If the product already has FDA approval, you can make out the country of manufacturing very easily. 

For other products, check the label of the bottle to find out the manufacturer’s location. You can also Google the company name to find out where they are located. 

We assume you have some idea about which countries to trust and those to stay away from. You know a product is reliable when you see it’s from the USA and the European Union (EU). But if you see the product is from China, we advise you to adopt caution. 

Products from China or other Asian countries are sometimes totally worthless and make a scam out of you. You should only go for products from questionable countries if the company or brand is popular and has a good reputation. Otherwise, it’s better not to buy that Spanish Fly. 

5) Check Out Product Reviews and Ratings

After you are sure of the company and product, now it’s time to see what other customers think. Check online for reviews and ratings left by genuine customers on various online stores or review sites. Read what others are saying – if the product works, how long it takes to work, if there are any side effects, and so on. 

You can also check out professional reviews, but you need to be a bit careful. Many websites publish biased reviews just to sell their products. So you need to be able to separate truth from fiction. We suggest you compare the review from different sites to get an idea of how the product actually is. 

If you see a product with 5 stars and constant positive reviews, then go for it. On the other hand, if the reviews are negative or the product has low ratings, search for another Spanish Fly.

6) Look for Scientific Evidence

The best Spanish Fly companies will go to any length to prove the efficacy of their products. We are not talking about dishonest means, but things like clinical trials or studies.

For instance, if you visit the site of Spanish Fly Pro, you will find a study detailing the effects of the product. You will see how the trial proved most men and women to experience full-body arousals and intense orgasms for the first time in years. All information, facts, and figures are available so that you can make up your own mind based on scientific evidence. 

7) Ask Friends and Peers

You can ask your friends and peers for recommendations or their opinions on products they have used. If you have a specific product in mind, you can ask your friends if they have tried it on Facebook or in person. Then see what they have to say about its efficacy.

Adopting the above steps will help you find the right Spanish Fly. Now we will present the best Spanish Fly products that we have tested and found to be effective. 

Our Recommendation: Top Spanish Fly Brands

Here is a look at what we recommend, and why we think they are your best bet.

1. Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly Pro is the ultimate libido enhancer that has been proven to enhance libido in clinical trials. The formula combines the best of natural aphrodisiacs we discussed above, including guarana, Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Panax ginseng, caffeine, and zinc. 

It is very easy to use and starts working within minutes. You can drink 5 drops with your favorite beverage and just wait for 10 minutes to get aroused. Spanish Fly Pro enhances libido in both men and women and:

  • Helps achieve full-body arousal
  • Increases sexual desire and anticipation
  • Boosts your appetite for sex
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Enhances your sexual performance
  • Doesn’t have any side effects
  • Allows women to have multiple orgasms

Spanish Fly Pro also has FDA approval so that you can take with complete peace of mind. You can also use it regularly to bring back the excitement in your sex life and revive monotonous relationships. In fact, most couples using Spanish Fly Pro report having sex more frequently!

The product also has a high rating on all online stores. You can also read the reviews and see how other customers are appreciating the product. Spanish Fly Pro is our top choice and can spice up your sex life like no other libido enhancer

 2. Spanish Fly Love

Spanish Fly Love is our second pick in the list of top aphrodisiacs. It’s also one of the best herbal libido enhancers that combine some of the same ingredients of Spanish Fly Pro. The product is suitable for:

  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Difficulty in achieving orgasms
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Dissatisfactory performance in bed

The product works for men and women and increases the sexual appetite. Couples of any age can try Spanish Fly Love to increase sex drive. The website of the company has many positive reviews about the product, but not much information is available. 

For example, the website of Spanish Fly Pro details how their product works. It also tells you how much you should take and how long it takes to feel the effects. Spanish Fly Pro is also more specific when it comes to the effects and what you can feel after using the product. 

Spanish Fly Pro has invested in a clinical trial to prove the results, which is not the case with Spanish Fly Love. It does have positive reviews, so you can give it a go. 

3. HerSolution Pills

HerSolution adopts a unique approach to alleviate problems like low libido in women. The pills contain a range of natural ingredients and extracts that help your body regain their sexual abilities. This medicine corrects the nutritional, hormonal, and stress-induced imbalances that make you lose interest in sex. 

The pills should be taken over the course of 60 days while your body relaxes and brings back itself to its natural state. You will need at least 7 days to feel any effect, and a period of 60 days is recommended. The pills are safe and are also safe for pregnant women

HerSolution pills put your body back into gear and prepare you for a natural desire in sex. But you need to wait for 60 days to feel the results. So you cannot use it on your date night, so forget all about it. You have to take it regularly. 

In comparison, you can take Spanish Fly Pro just before sex and wait for 10 minutes to feel natural arousal. It’s fast and effective and doesn’t require regular use. You can take it on-demand basis whenever needed. 


In our analysis, Spanish Fly Pro turned out to the best product. It has effective natural aphrodisiacs which are proven by science and used by generations. You only need a few minutes to feel the results and can even be prepared for some unexpected sex. 

Lastly, the Spanish Fly Pro has a clinical trial to prove the results

You will find many Spanish Fly products and the ones we discussed are among the best. We certainly cannot analyze all products in the market so we stuck to the top 3 libido enhancers. You can do your own research and find the right product by following the steps we discussed before. 

Is Spanish Fly Dangerous?

The ingredients used in Spanish Fly are safe. Most manufacturers use natural substances like root and fruit extracts, seeds, leaves, and other parts of plants. If the companies used chemicals or unsafe ingredients, people would simply know. In this age of internet and information, it’s not possible to market an unsafe product and get away with it. 

So you can take Spanish Fly without any worries. We recommend you to use the steps we discussed to choose the right product ad research the company and the ingredients. That will tell you if the formula has anything with adverse effects. 

But as we said, all Spanish Fly products in the market are safe. So there are no risks of health concerns or damage to your body

The old Spanish Fly with beetle powder was harmful, but modern products are not. 

Is Spanish Fly a Drug?

The formula of Spanish Fly can not be classified as a drug. All the ingredients are natural and you won’t find any chemical substances. So they can never be called a drug and they certainly don’t act as drugs. 

The three products we reviewed are over-the-counter supplements and doesn’t need any medical advice. Most of the other products available in the market are also the same and are natural supplements. 

You can never do your body any harm by taking the Spanish Fly available today. 

Wrapping Up

Spanish Fly can be referred to as a natural libido enhancer that works quickly. It can help you regain your sexual appetite and increase the desire for sex. You can also find increased pleasure in sex, and women can experience intense orgasms. The herbal ingredients are known for their aphrodisiac properties and even used in ancient times. 

If you want to bring back the excitement in your sex life, Spanish Fly can be a quick and effective remedy. It gives instant results and you don’t need to take it regularly. Couples of all ages can take Spanish Fly and enjoy their sex lives.