Squeeze Technique: The Ultimate Way to Last Longer

Lasting long and performing well under the sheets is something every guy wants to do. But, not everyone is fortunate enough to do that because of the underlying medical conditions. But is it only that? Not really.

If you have been looking for a potential solution that will help you last longer and satisfy your partner the most, then squeeze technique is just the right one for you. Sex experts and sex therapists from all over the world have suggested that the squeeze technique is one of the most prominent ways to overcome premature ejaculation.

If you ask other men who have tried, well, you may get answers like the squeeze technique has done wonders for their healthy sex life. Although many wouldn’t want to believe it, the sexual relationships affect your romance.

As said above, the squeeze technique can help you overcome one of the most common complaints of sexual relationships, premature ejaculation. [1]One of the greatest benefits of the squeeze technique is that it enables you to overcome the early ejaculation problem without any special training, medicine, and it is easy to learn.

If you want to boost your sexual capacity and last longer in bed, you need to give yourself some time and have complete control over yourself. Too many thrusts, and it’s over. You surely wouldn’t want your sex life to be this short, would you?

Well, to boost your bedroom confidence, here are some tips that will help you learn the squeeze technique.

What is the Squeeze Technique?

Squeeze technique was first described by the two famous sex experts of the 1950s, Masters, and Johnson.[2] Both of them were working towards exploring human sexuality.

Over the years, they made huge contributions to the sex life of couples. They also helped men overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. The term was first used in The Human Sexual Inadequacy (1970).

The squeeze technique is often referred to by other names such as the stop and squeeze method, the pause squeeze technique, and the squeeze method.

For more than half a century, men have been trying this method to last longer in bed.

How does the squeeze technique work?

The squeeze technique is aimed at stopping or preventing premature ejaculation using manual techniques. By applying pressure on the head of the penis, the flow of ejaculation can be stopped.

It is necessary to understand your own body better if you want the technique to work out for you. Initially, you need to practice it on your own to stop and squeeze the penis temporarily at the right time and right place.[3] This will not only prevent ejaculation but will also help to opt for longer intercourse.

Is the squeeze technique effective?

One of the most important questions about the squeeze technique has ever been if it is effective or not. Well, the squeeze technique is effective and might be more than medicines.

According to a 2019 study conducted by Deem and Kim, the squeeze technique has led to a success rate in about 85% of the patients. Hence, it is often considered to be one of the best methods for men suffering from premature ejaculation. [4]

But, one necessary thing to consider is that the squeeze technique may not be the best option for all. [5]Why? Every person has different premature ejaculation causes, and so, if the method does not work out for you, it is okay. There are a number of other methods to try that can be of great help.

How to use the Squeeze Technique?

Well, the squeeze technique has different requirements depending on different situations. You may want to follow a particular schedule while masturbating, and while with your partner, it is different.

  • Masturbation

You need to start by arousing yourself. However, make sure to apply pressure and speed that you are comfortable in to reach the desired climax.

When you feel you are reaching the end destination, let go of the pressure and stimulate yourself slowly.

Hold the head of the penis where the shaft and head meet. Have a firm hold until you feel that the climax feeling has already started to disappear. [6]

Once you feel this, manually stimulate yourself again with a particular speed and pressure until you meet the climax.

Repeat the steps as mentioned above and let it all go after a certain time.

  • Sex with partner

This is going to be a little complicated since you need to teach your partner about it.

Stimulate the penis by following normal intercourse stimulation.

Once you feel that you are to meet the climax, immediately stop thrusting and rubbing.

Repeat the squeezing process on the point where the head and shaft meet. Hold it and stay firm till the sensation of ejaculation passes off.

Indulge in sexual activity with your partner and repeat.

What do I do if I do not feel it?

Well, if they stop and squeeze method isn’t working out for you, there are several other alternatives to try.[7] Some of the prominent ones that can be of great help include

  • Longer foreplay

Increase your expectations and pressure by indulging into longer foreplay. Rather than jumping into intercourse, try out other intimate activities such as massage, kissing, and more.

Manual or oral stimulation is also one of the best ways to delay orgasm. This will help to prolong the orgasm until they want you to.

  • Get a climax control condom

Your regular condom, which is usually made of latex, can play an important role in reducing the sensation, thereby leading to increased sexual activity.

However, there are other options too. Getting hold of climax-control condoms is also found to be effective for delaying climax as they contain a thick layer of latex.

  • Use the Spanish Fly Pro

The Spanish Fly Pro, a natural aphrodisiac can help you increase your libido levels naturally. It’s got no side effects, so you can use it just about anytime you want, and make your nights more fun.

Most companies use other numbing agents in these condoms, such as benzocaine and lidocaine, to decrease the sensation around the penis. Thus, you will prevent premature ejaculation and take longer to orgasm.

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, it is suggested to see your doctor before bringing changes to your lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle can be helpful.

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