The Guide on How to Have Better Sex

How do you go about your daily life? Having a healthy lifestyle is important – but many aren’t sure what to do.

So, what should you do to better your mental and physical health? And if you felt you probably can do without one, here is what you need to know – both medical experts and sex therapists suggest that a healthy person is likely to enjoy better sex life.

Learning techniques from manuals and other sources are no good if you are not in a good state- both mentally and physically.[1] According to the opinion of Karen Zager, a Ph.D. Psychologist based out of New York City- feeling good about yourself results in a better situation to feel good about relationships. This leads to better sex life.

Tiredness or fatigue can negatively impact your sexual performance. All of the above information may seem to be pretty generic-but it requires a conscious effort on your part to change the irregular lifestyle, averting from unhealthy food eating habits, exercising, or getting enough sleep.

It is even harder to maintain the discipline- especially in a fast-paced competitive world- with incoming stress from various aspects, an extended workload, and many more.[2]

Here are some detailed steps and suggestions for improving your sexual life, from leading experts in the field.

Eat healthy

There may be no direct relation between eating right and your bedroom performance. But, a lot of the factors that may reduce your efficiency in bed(Erectile Dysfunction, fatigue, and many more) can be significantly countered by eating a properly balanced diet.

ED may be caused by a number of reasons-like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.[3] Studies have also found that people adhering to a Mediterranean diet- rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals, healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, fish report a healthy sex life compared to the rest of the world. You Are What You Eat- literally.

Vitamin E increases the overall sex drive of a person. It increases the level of testosterone secretion, which results in better stamina. And you can easily decipher what better stamina will lead to(Lasting longer in bed). Furthermore, it also increases the sperm count and mobility in males.

Another benefit of Vitamin E- it is great for rejuvenating your skin- reducing wrinkles and improving the immune system.[4] Rich natural sources of Vitamin E include nuts and vegetable oils-avocado oil, soybean, and grape seed. 

High levels of blood pressure and cholesterol result in poor blood circulation, which is essential for the healthy functioning of the reproductive organs- be it male or female.

Try to avoid junk food and processed food as much as possible. These are filled with unhealthy.[5]

Unsaturated fats- which increase the cholesterol levels in your heart. Prolonged eating fatty items are the primary reasons for coronary complications- including blockages, atherosclerosis, and even strokes. Further, avoid food items that may increase your blood sugar levels- causing diabetes. Diabetes attacks the nervous system, which may cause problems in getting arousal.

Healthy eating and exercise are thus essential in preventing several diseases, all the while having a positive effect in increasing the chances of your romantic and/or sexual escapades. Sounds good, right?

Workout Regularly

Having a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health- and your bedtime activities as well. In addition, the ACE(American Council on Exercise) recommends daily exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. Daily physical exertion acts as an excellent natural Viagra.

Regular exercise increases the levels of desire and enhances confidence. A confident person will be both a better provider and a better recipient of sexual satisfaction. Regular exercise also increases the ability to achieve n orgasm.[6]

In addition, studies have found out that with an increasing waistline, there is a greater probability of a man developing an ED. This is primarily due to possible cardiovascular diseases. Similarly, a study by the University of Texas, Austin, found a much higher(169%) blood flow to the vaginal region of physically active women compared to their inactive state- while watching an X-Rated film.

In addition to all of these benefits, there are the general benefits of regular exercise- better shape and posture, increased stamina and aerobic capacity, higher muscle strength, and an improved self-image. All of these are, as the laymen say- plus points for boosting your gameplay.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Who knew that the childish rhyme was also effective advice for activities that are, well, reserved for adults? Sexual activities burn a lot of calories- and hence, consume a lot of energy. Tiredness or fatigue can bring you off your A-game. Lower sex drive, loss of excitement are some of the common side effects of not getting enough sleep.[7]

Stop working overnight or long hours. A healthy person requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Even a well functioning machine requires a cooldown period after some time (if functioning non-stop). The biological wonder machine (i.e., our body) also requires a similar cooldown period.

People who sleep 6 hours a day on average are reported to be more tired, stressed, depressed compared to a person sleeping a healthy 8 hours daily.[8] The NSF (National Sleep Foundation) poll conducted in 2002 suggests that people with a healthy sleep pattern and fewer sleep problems reported being “full of energy,” “relaxed,” and “happy.”

The Director of Northside Hospital Sleep Medicine Institute in Atlanta, Dr. Russel Rosenberg informs that patients deprived of sleep complain of being too tired for sex, and has a lower libido.[9] In addition to problems on the bed- people having issues with sleep are also prone to accidents, have difficulty in losing or controlling weight, and stand at an increased chance of having a hormonal/metabolic disorder.

Learn to Relax and De-stress

You may not realize this- but the brain is the main organ responsible for sex. It is the mind that stores ideas and beliefs about sexual performance or health. From an analytical point of view also, the brain is responsible for arousal and stimulus, signalling the pituitary gland to release sex-stimulating hormones and better flow of flood to the required regions.

It is the mind that feels confident after regular workouts, rejuvenated after sufficient sleep. Sexual performance is heightened to the max when one learns to focus solely on the activity at hand- finding joy and pleasure with your partner.

You need to be forgetting the other daily chores, pending work in the office, the upcoming bills, and EMI, among others.

Stressed couples find it difficult to enjoy sex. They are often too busy to have intercourse. According to experts,- setting priorities is a good solution step.[10] An expert suggests putting sex up in the schedule of work- planning and working to reduce stress in your daily life as the way to go. If needed, delegate some of the tasks at hand to someone else.

Keep some time off for relaxation and rewinding too. Keep 5 to 30 minutes of your daily time for yourself. Take a walk, meditate, enjoy a hot bath, do yoga. You can also just chill out and relax by yourself. This rejuvenation time helps you to adjust and balance your time between your profession and family, in addition to your sex life.


The biggest rewards in following a healthy lifestyle are:

  1. A fit body ensures you feel better about yourself. It has a positive impact on your sexual activities.
  2. With daily exercise, adherence to healthy eating, and sleeping habits- you look better. This, in turn, increases your confidence.
  3. With a sound sleep- you wake up feeling rejuvenated and reinvigorated. This decreases your stress levels. Stress is a significant deterrent for sex.
  4. Using supplements, such as Spanish Fly Pro.

Living a healthy lifestyle has multiple benefits. It is similarly essential for optimizing your sex life. Eat healthily, Workout Regularly, Sleep at least a minimum of 7-8 hours a day, and take time for yourself. These are also the foundational secrets to happy and joyful living, forming a meaningful relationship with your partner, stress management, and time management.


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