Common ED Myths Debunked

Common ED Myths Debunked

Though the stigma is receding, erectile dysfunction is something many men feel uncomfortable talking about, even with a physician. Due to this, a lot of information is garnered from the internet. It is not the best source depending on which websites you use. Others get their facts from close friends, word-of-mouth, or other unreliable sources.

A lot of misinformation is out there. But following it can be dangerous where your health is on the line. One of the most common myths is that ED is a natural part of aging. Though things do change somewhat as one gets older, healthy men can enjoy sexual congress at any age. Most of those who experience ED have it as a result of another health issue that is perhaps more pressing. Often it is due to heart disease, though cancer and diabetes may be at fault as well.

Our culture perpetuates the myth that men are always ready for sex. But this is not true, either. Though men often but not always, have a higher libido than women, stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, extreme worry, and other emotional factors may inhibit sexual desire. In a minority of men an emotional issue lies at the root of the problem.

Some believe that drinking causes erectile dysfunction. Consuming alcohol in moderation should not. But consistent alcohol abuse or high doses in the system certainly can. It is common for men in our culture to try to curb anxiety over sex with alcohol. But consume too much and you will undermine your efforts. Many believe that a man’s erection should happen automatically. But for some men direct physical stimulation whether it be digital or oral, is required.

For others, as they get older such stimulation is needed for an erection to occur. This is not necessarily ED. Any man experiencing softer erections or sexual dysfunction lasting more than two months should talk to a doctor or an urologist right away. Be sure to get the facts from a professional, and safeguard your sexual health.