ED Becoming More Common Among Younger Men

Traditionally, erectile dysfunction was thought to be an age-related disease. That’s of no surprise. Almost 50% of men in the U.S. over age 40 wrestle with the condition. But with more research and time, though men have a higher chance of developing it as they get older, we know that age does not cause it. ED is defined as being unable to create or maintain an erection sufficient for penetrative intercourse.

Many diseases come to the forefront as we get older and these cause ED. The most likely culprits are cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, damage from years of smoking, anxiety, stress, and depression. A disturbing trend is now taking place. More and more younger men are developing ED.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, today 26% of men under 40 suffer from sexual dysfunction. According to the study, those same perpetrators that can cause ED in older men are also affecting younger ones. Men under 40 with ED should consider what risk factors may be affecting them.

Anxiety is often the root cause for men in this age group. Males in our species put a lot of stock into their sexual performance. This can make a man anxious if he feels that he doesn’t measure up, or will have difficulty pleasing a partner. Almost every man has experienced ED upon occasion. This is nothing of concern. But one bad experience can cause performance anxiety, causing negative thoughts to rise up and sabotage the endeavor.

There are other causes. Cold medications can increase epinephrine, blocking the formation of an erection. Smoking, recreational drugs, and too much alcohol inhibit the erectile response. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can cause erectile dysfunction. If this is the case, talk to an oncofertility specialist. Any younger man experiencing ED should seek out a physician or urologist. There are lots of treatment options available today that can resurrect your sex life as well as safeguard your health. Ignoring it will likely make it worse. Seek help.