Common Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Common Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a common problem for middle aged and older men. Those who experience it usually push their partner away and put their head in the sand. But this will only make the problem more entrenched. Moreover, a serious health issue may be causing it, one that could put you in the hospital, even threaten your life. One study found that those who have ED have a significantly higher risk of a heart attack within five years. It pays to get the facts.

Too many men rely on myths scooped up from the internet and other sources. Here are some common myths about erectile dysfunction and the facts you need to make accurate decisions about your sexual health. The first is that few men have it. In fact, erectile dysfunction is exceedingly common. Around five percent of those age 40, and 15-25% of men age 65 suffer from it. The older a man gets, the higher his chances.

ED sufferers often think the condition is irreversible. In many cases, with the right medical treatment, along with substantial changes in lifestyle such as exercising, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, and losing weight, proper functioning can return. For smokers, quitting smoking is important.

There is a strong connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction. Some people say it is all in your head. In reality, a mere 15% of cases is caused by a mood disorder such as anxiety, depression, or chronic stress. Most of the time, it is a physical issue that is at fault. Lastly, some believe that medication and surgery are the only treatment options.

The truth is, there are many including a vacuum tube, penile suppositories, injections, and much more. Surgery is only attempted after all others have proven to be ineffective. If you have ED or think you might, don’t wait. Talk to a doctor or urologist and find the root cause of the problem. You will be so glad you did.