How to Protect Your Relationship When Experiencing ED

How to Protect Your Relationship When Experiencing ED

Whether you’ve been married for years or have just recently gotten together, erectile dysfunction could strain your relationship. But the situation is not doomed. In fact, you can come out closer and more connected than ever if you treat things right. There are ways you can safeguard your relationship during this trying time and until you get medical attention. Here are some tips to alleviate the situation.

First, it’s important we define erectile dysfunction. This is an inability to form or sustain an erection suitable for penetrative intercourse. A man is said to have erectile dysfunction when it happens at least once every four attempts, or is continuous for three months. The first thing you need to do is to not take it personally.

You can’t deal with someone else if your head isn’t on straight. A man puts a lot of weight behind his sexual capability. If things aren’t working out in the bedroom, it can be a significant blow to his ego. But once you have a handle on yourself, talk to your partner.

Men tend to clam up. They don’t want to look less of a man in their partner’s eyes. But psychologically speaking, women blame themselves. They think that their man doesn’t find them attractive anymore. Women take it as a sign that the relationship is over. To protect it, you must open up to her and let her know it is a medical condition. This may seem like a capitulation. But vulnerability in a relationship is actually a strength. Chances are, she will rise to the occasion and help you.

Now continue to communicate openly with your partner as you go to a doctor or urologist and have it checked out. A substantial, even life-threatening condition may be causing it. Medical attention is sorely needed. In a minority of cases, a psychological problem such as anxiety or depression is at its root.

Don’t let go of your intimacy. Sex is not only about penetration, and there are lots of ways to enjoy your time together. You might also consider couple’s counseling or sex therapy as this process goes on. But getting checked out by a medical professional is necessary and important to safeguard your health and get you back in the game.