How is ED Diagnosed?

How is ED Diagnosed?

Erectile dysfunction commonly hits men in their 60s or older. But it is becoming more common in younger men, even those in their 30s and 40s. Every man experiences a failure in the equipment once in a while. But if it begins happening at every fourth encounter or more, you have ED.

Only a doctor or urologist can tell you for sure. There are many possible origins. But 85% of the time, the cause is physical. It may be a serious health condition, a lifestyle problem such as smoking, obesity, or drug use. In a minority of cases, an emotional issue, such as depression or anxiety.

Though lots of men have ED, few come in for treatment, and that is a problem. Many times heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or kidney disease is at fault. These are serious conditions that need to be addressed. Ignoring ED is ignoring the more worrisome illness that could cause serious complications, even take your life.

So how is ED diagnosed? In many cases, the physician is already aware of an ongoing health problem, such as heart disease or diabetes. Here, merely talking about your medical history and answering some questions is. All that is needed to diagnose the condition.

For others, the cause is not readily known. In this case, certain tests may be applicable. A physical exam could be required to check the penis and testicles for blood flow and sensation. The lack of feeling may mean nerve damage.

A blood test might be required to detect the presence of heart disease, diabetes, or low testosterone. A urinalysis or urine test is often given as well. An overnight erection test can be performed by you at home with a special wrap. The penis is wrapped in a device overnight which measures whether you have an erection. Usually a man will have three and up to five erections over one evening.

Lastly, a psychological evaluation may be necessary if it proves that the problem is not physical. There are lots of options to overcome sexual dysfunction. But it is important to treat the underlying cause as well. Talk to a doctor or urologist if you are experiencing ED. The physician will see to it that your health and sex life gets restored.