Should You Try Supplements before ED Drugs?

Should You Try Supplements before ED Drugs?

Erectile dysfunction can do a number on your head, your masculinity, and even your relationship. Truth be told, it seems worse than it actually is. In almost every case, it’s possible to cure ED. The bad news is, often there is a serious, even life-threatening illness which is causing it. A lot of men explore alternative treatments before considering medical care for their condition.

After all, a lack of magnesium has been linked to erectile dysfunction. The mineral helps the body produce nitric oxide, a much needed compound for dilating the blood vessels and allowing an erection to occur. This is the very compound that ED drugs pump up inside the body, causing an erection. But a magnesium deficiency is not a common cause.

Lifestyle changes can only alleviate ED when a certain lifestyle issue is causing it. Quitting smoking, getting exercise—especially lower body cardio, losing weight for the obese, quitting illegal narcotics such as anabolic steroids, cocaine, or amphetamines which can cause ED, or quitting drinking when too much alcohol may be causing it, can all help the situation considerably.

Even so, most of the time a much more serious health condition is causing it. Even if you do take lifestyle changes seriously, it may or may not impact your sexual capability. And in the meantime, you could be allowing a condition like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes to grow more serious.

Lifestyle changes are great, including adding the right nutrition, and if needed, supplements. Generally speaking, they aren’t going to help you to overcome ED. For that, you will need to see a medical professional. Your medical history will be taken into account. The physician should complete a physical exam, and even run some tests.

You will want to know what is causing the ED, as well as whether or not a serious health condition is underlying it. Realize too that ED is quite common. More and more men are fessing up to it nowadays, and getting the kind of healthcare that they need. If you are experiencing ED, don’t wait. Talk to a doctor or urologist and get to the bottom of it. You will be happy that you did.